Human Detection System (HDS)

The THIRA detection system is designed to immediately detect people who are moving or entering moving conveyors. The system makes it possible to reliably identify persons among the transported objects (packages, luggage and other objects) for which the conveyors are intended. The aim of the Thira system is to prevent accidents during the operation of conveyor belts, which may endanger the safety or health of persons, or to prevent the misuse of conveyors in order to enter guarded areas and protected areas (airport halls, logistics and post centers).

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Drone detection and elimination system

The multi-sensor detection system enables the aiming of even very small drones at a distance of up to several kilometers. If the detected drone is evaluated by the system operator as a threat, it can be stopped in its progress at a sufficient distance.

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Systems detecting hidden objects on human bodies

Systems for the detection of hidden objects on human bodies enable the detection of metallic and non-metallic objects hidden on the body of inspected persons, without the need to significantly restrict their movement or reveal anatomical details.

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Detection system for tracing particles of explosives and narcotics

The detection system operating on the principle of ionic mobile spectrometry makes it possible to search for trace particles of explosives and narcotics on the body of persons and on objects that have come into contact with these substances. Rapid evaluation will allow immediate identification of the substance present.


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Portable X-ray screening system

The portable X-ray screening system performs precise inspection of stored luggage, transport boxes or containers with unclear origin or content. Thanks to the high display resolution, even small and dangerous objects can be found. The portable X-ray screening system is designed for quick and easy setup. The user-friendly interface allows the operator to perform inspections in emergency situations easily and efficiently.

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